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Your internet speed matters to us

Maple Broadband is a non-profit, municipal collaborative, focused on bringing high-speed, reliable, affordable internet access – along with prompt, user-friendly customer service and support – to all households and businesses in Addison County.

We’re here to help residents get connected to the internet today, by providing information and assistance. We’re also collecting the contact information of residents and business owners interested in receiving high-speed, fiber internet as soon as construction begins in their neighborhoods.

Looking for some Wi-Fi? No problem! There are many free, public Wi-Fi hotspots located in towns around Addison county and across Vermont. Check out our statewide map to locate a hotspot near you.

  • Addison
    Addison 65 Vt Route 17 W
    Addison Central School 121 Vt Route 17 W
    Addison Central School 121 Vt Rte 17 West
  • Bridport
    Bridport Town Office 82 Crown Point Rd
    Bridport Central School 3442 Vt Rt 22a
  • Bristol
    Main Street Business District Wi-Fi Zone 15 Main St
    Main Street Business District Wi-Fi Zone 8 Main St
    Main Street Business District Wi-Fi Zone 28 Main St
    Main Street Business District Wi-Fi Zone 31 Main St
    Main Street Business District Wi-Fi Zone 1 Main St
    Main Street Business District Wi-Fi Zone 18 Main St
    Bristol Wi-Fi: Bristol Town Green 2 West St
    Bristol Wi-Fi: Bristol Town Green 6 West St
  • Cornwall
    Cornwall Free Public 2629 Vt Route 30
    Bingham Memorial School 112 School Road
  • Ferrisburgh
    Ferrisburg Central School 56 Little Chicago Rd
    Ferrisburgh 3279 Us Route 7
    Ferrisburgh Central School 56 Little Chicago Road
  • Goshen
    Goshen 50 Carlisle Hill Rd
  • Granville
    Granville 4157 Vt Route 100
  • Hancock
    Hancock 1027 Vt Route 100
    Hancock Free Public 47 Vt Route 125
  • Leicester
    Leicester 44 Schoolhouse Rd
    Leicester Central School 68 Schoolhouse Road
  • Lincoln
    Burnham Hall 52 E River Rd
    Lincoln 222 W River Rd
    Lincoln Community School 795 East River Rd
    Lincoln Town Office 62 Quaker St
  • Middlebury
    23 – Maplefields at Middlebury 60 N Pleasant St
    Addison Housing (Addison Trust) 15 Court St
    Ilsley Public 75 Main St
    Mary Hogan Elementary School 201 Mary Hogan Drive
    Middlebury 77 Main St
    Middlebury South (Addison Trust) 30 S Village Grn
    Middlebury Union High School 73 Charles Avenue
    Middlebury Union Middle School #3 48 Deerfield Lane
    Sarah Patridge Community 431 E Main St
    Stone Hill Housing (Addison Trust) 428 Court St
    Public Hotspot 341 Creek Rd
    Public Hotspot 7 Mahady Ct
    Public Hotspot 156 S Village Grn
  • Monkton
    Monkton 280 Monkton Rdg
    Monkton Central School 1036 Monkton Rd
    Russell Memorial 4333 State’s Prison Hollow Rd
  • New Haven
    Beeman Elementary School 50 North St
    Beeman Elementary School 50 North Street
    New Haven Community 78 North St
  • Orwell
    Orwell Free Library 473 Main St
    Orwell 436 Main St
    Orwell Village School 494 Main Street
  • Panton
    Panton Town Hall Parking Lot and Park & Ride Lot 3176 Jersey St
  • Ripton
    Ripton Town Office & Community House 1311 Vt Route 125
    Ripton Elementary School 753 Ripton Lincoln Road
  • Salisbury
    Salisbury 25 Schoolhouse Rd
    Salisbury Community School 286 Kelley Cross Road
    Salisbury Free Public 918 Maple St
  • Shoreham
    Platt Memorial 279 Main St
    41 – Maplefields – Shoreham 2949 Vt Route 22a
    Shoreham 297 Main St
    Shoreham Elementary School 130 School Road
  • Starksboro
    Robinson Elementary School 41 Parsonage Rd
    Robinson School 41 Parsonage Road
    Starksboro 2849 Vt Route 116
    Starksboro Public Library 2827 Vt Route 116
  • Vergennes
    Bixby Memorial Free Library 258 Main St
    MacDonough Park 55 Macdonough Dr
    Vergennes Downtown Wi-Fi Zone 179 Main St
    Creekview Housing (Addison Trust) 20 Hillside Acres
    Vergennes 120 Main St
    Vergennes Elementary School 43 East St
    Vergennes UES #44 43 East Street
    Vergennes UHS #5 50 Monkton Road
    Vergennes Welcome Center 6 N Green St
  • Waltham
    Waltham Town Offices 2053 Maple St
  • Weybridge
    Weybridge 1727 Quaker Village Rd
    Weybridge Elementary School 210 Quaker Village Road
  • Whiting
    Whiting Free 29 S Main St
    Whiting Village School 87 South Main Street

See Vermont hotspots

We’ve compiled a number of resources to help residents find internet service providers, access internet subsidies for low-income subscribers, manage the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, learn how to use the internet, and stay safe while using the internet.

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We’ve also collected information on the availability of cell service around Vermont, including a map with the download speed by provider. Additionally, we’ve mapped many of the current cable and fiber internet lines across Vermont, so you can see which provider has a line already installed near your home or business.

Access the maps

Maple Broadband would like to better understand who is interested in receiving affordable, reliable, high-speed, fiber internet in their homes or businesses as soon as it’s available in Addison County. We plan to start building Addison County’s local fiber network in 2021, with our first subscribers receiving service in the spring of 2022. So, if you think you may want high speed, reliable fiber internet in your home or business, please fill out our survey and invite your friends and neighbors to do the same!

This information will help our planning efforts and will save us time and money when we do build out the network, since we’ll be able to install the fiber cable right to your house or business as we pass by (rather than sending out another crew later). It will also help bring fiber to your area faster! Think you might move soon or change your mind later? That’s okay. We’ll check back with you when we’re about to build in your area to make sure you still want the service. Either way, it helps us plan where to build and it also shows potential financial partners that there is real demand for fiber in your area.

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Do you want to know the speed of your current internet?  Take our speed test and compare your results to other types of internet connections.

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Coming together to help our neighbors is essential for our community’s well-being during the pandemic, but it can be tough to do with social distancing. Maple Broadband is a resource for all things related to internet access during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’re looking for volunteers to help.

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If you need additional help getting connected to the internet, please contact us.

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Maple Broadband is a non-profit collaborative that aims to bring high-speed, reliable, affordable fiber internet to Addison County. Maple Broadband was formed in 2020 as a Communications Union District (CUD), and it currently has 20 member towns, including Addison, Bridport, Bristol, Cornwall, Ferrisburgh, Leicester, Lincoln, Middlebury, Monkton, New Haven, Orwell, Panton, Ripton, Salisbury, Shoreham, Starksboro, Vergennes, Waltham, Weybridge and Whiting.